Before the ceremony, Dr. Dan Bryan, Director of Student Services and his team were scrambling to setup additional chairs for the huge audience of supporters that arrived at the ceremony. After the Pledge of Allegiance and a warm welcome, Superintendent Plutko addressed the crowd with well wishes for the future. Following that, Steve Curiel, Principal of the Huntington Beach Adult School presented the class. Each graduate enthusiastically walked across the stage to shake the hand of each Board member and the Superintendent, and to conclude with the presentation of their diploma from their respected principal. After the diplomas were distributed, Board of Trustees President, Susan Henry accepted the fall class of 2015 and Steve Curiel led the students in the turning of the tassel. Cheers erupted as this matchless graduation ceremony concluded and graduates were released to be with their loved ones.
When discussed after the ceremony, Board President Susan Henry expressed how she thought the ceremony was an outstanding new tradition at the HBUHSD and hopes it remains for years and years to come. She also mentioned how lucky the graduates were to receive their actual diploma during the presentation, rather than just an empty folder like at a typical high school graduation!These students did not get the opportunity to graduate back in June for various reasons, some out of their control. After a summer of hard work, the new high school graduates are all on to their next adventure, whether it be pursuing a higher education or entering the workforce.Fall class of 2015 graduates: Breanna Madison Edelstein, Daniel John Gallagher, Zoe Garcia, Brianna Alexis Hernandez, Celsa Juaquina Hernandez, Cristian Huesca, Jennifer Ngoc Le, Hesmit Nieva Martinez, Jacob Lopez, Anh Minh Thien Luong, Delilah Mallory Medina, Linh T. Phuong Nguyen, Tracy Thi Nguyen, Kimberly Veronica Ortiz, Bianca Rios, Jose Ignacio Rodriguez, Ricardo Sosa, Cassandra Lynn Trujillo, and Margarito Villa.