Month: September 2016

Edison High students experience immigration through Ellis Island simulation

Every year since its start in 1999, Edison High School (EHS) 11th grade United States History students have participated in the Ellis Island Experience, an educational activity put on by the school’s Social Science Department.  Students take on the roles of characters who emigrated to the United States in 1908.  This year, the simulation began on September 29 and lasted two days. During the activity, participating students are tasked with adopting foreign accents, wearing period clothing, and trying their hardest to stay in character through a mock admission process to the United States.  To begin the process, students must...

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Huntington Beach High math classes learn with LEGOs

Each and everyday, Huntington Beach Union High School District (HBUHSD) educators take extra care to empower minds and build futures through innovative learning.  On a normal Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Kimes, along with other Huntington Beach High School math teachers, could be seen doing just that, but using a teaching tool not typically utilized on a high school campus – LEGOs. That day, Mr. Kimes Algebra 2 students were given the task of managing a tiny furniture store with LEGO-made products as their only inventory.  In groups of three, students were provided 16 small Legos and 12 large Legos to construct...

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Robotics competition to “blitz” Marina High

Beginning on October 8, Marina High School (MHS) will serve as the venue for the inaugural off-season FIRST Robotics competition, Beach Blitz. Hosted by the Orange County Robotics Alliance, this two-day tournament will feature educational workshops and fierce competition among the 22 teams set to participate. Tournament winners, finalists, and recipients of technical awards will receive a custom Beach Blitz trophy.  Spectator admission is free and encouraged. Under the direction of physics teacher, Thomas Zook, Marina High School’s FIRST Robotics Team 4276 advanced all-the-way to the World Championship competition in St. Louis, Missouri last season. For Marina High School...

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Out of this world treasures displayed at Edison High

Students and staff at Edison High School (EHS) recently had the opportunity to witness an extraterrestrial display courtesy of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) – rare lunar and meteorite samples. As a part of the NASA Lunar and Meteorite Sample Disk program designed for K-12 classroom educators, Mr. Bill Matheny, Edison High School Science Teacher, exhibited these samples for all to see. Similar to a professional museum, Mr. Matheny’s classroom exhibit included rock and soil lunar samples, meteorite samples, informational material, educational activities, and even “moon-themed” music. The lunar materials (pictured right) were collected by astronauts during...

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