On Feb. 17, Huntington Beach High School (HBHS) hosted staff from around the district for Tech Fest, an annual gathering where educators learn about “tech” being used in the classroom.

Staff members were given the opportunity to sit-in on live classs to learn about various software, websites, and apps being used on devices such as Google Chromebooks, iPads, and smart phones.

In Mrs. Vidrio’s Biology class, students were instructed to use iPads with Zaption, an app for teachers to use educational videos as an interactive, learning experience. Through content and tools that engage a deeper understanding in students, Mrs. Vidrio taught her class about the evidence of evolution in whales in a technologically savvy and attention-grabbing way.


Additionally, Mrs. Garat, a French Teacher at HBHS, showcased the ways she uses technology in the classroom on a day-to-day basis. Using Kahoot!, a free game-based learning platform, Mrs. Garat taught her French 1B students vocabulary words through a custom and interactive quiz she crafted online. With a specialized pin, students used either a Google Chromebook or their smart phone to access the 30-question quiz. Throughout this entire process, students were enthusiastic while actively retaining the knowledge provided to them.

Throughout the day, fellow educators observed the technology in use with expectations of taking the techniques they witnessed, back to their own classrooms. These classes are just two examples of the innovative ways teachers showcased their classroom tech.

The day concluded with a student panel Q&A session where participating educators asked students questions on topics such as their favorite tech in the classroom, their likes and dislikes of tech, and the most effective way they retain knowledge.

For the remainder of the school year, each comprehensive high school will take a turn hosting educators from around the district for these professional development days.