Did you know Westminster High School (WHS) is the proud home to an 8-acre farm, a vast agriculture science program, and an award-winning chapter of the Future Farmers of America (FFA)?  Complete with an array of animals, fully-functional aquaponics system, greenhouse, and much more, WHS students of all ages benefit from hands-on education in agriculture – one of California’s leading industries.

20160428-IMG_5855Since it’s original chapter in 1973, the Future Farmers of America organization on campus has proved to be a staple in the WHS culture. FFA is an inter-curricular opportunity for students interested in agriculture and leadership. With chapters in all 50 states, students around the country learn through a curriculum model of classroom instruction, supervised agricultural experience programs, and the student leadership organization, FFA.20160428-IMG_5863

In the classroom, Westminster offers courses such as Agriculture Biology, Veterinary Science, Floriculture, and more. All six classes offered in the program satisfy an A-G course requirement. Within each of these courses, students also receive frequent opportunities for project-based learning provided by the farm facilities. Unique to the school, students are able to walk directly out of their classrooms and instantly apply their gained knowledge to the plants, animals, machinery, and land. For instance, in the school’s Agriculture Mechanics class, students study power systems, metal fabrication, and agriculture machinery maintenance and repair. In Veterinary Science, students gain knowledge of the anatomy, reproduction, nutrition, health care, and careers in relation to livestock species.20160428-IMG_5878As the curriculum model and farm facility continue to expand, Westminster hopes to further spread the word about the vast list of benefits and capabilities the program has to offer. New/existing students and members of the community are encouraged to join the Lion “pride” and get involved.

Click here to visit the Westminster FFA website and learn more.