On October 13, Edison High School (EHS) Advanced Culinary students had a very sweet visitor – Priscilla Wilson (pictured above), the owner and executive baker of local Huntington Beach Bakery, Bubba Sweets.

In 2013, Bubba Sweets won the popular Food Network show, Cupcake Wars (Season 7, Episode 11).  Along with winning Cupcake Wars, Bubba Sweets also won the Taste of Huntington Beach in 2013 with their German Chocolate Cupcake.

With the students tuned in, Priscilla discussed aspects of business like remaining efficient, preserving resources, promoting products, and incorporating fun.  She also displayed the company’s online presence by showcasing the website and social media pages – two important aspects of any successful business.  After explaining the bakeries latest projects, Priscilla answered questions from each of the students.

To conclude the presentation, students were able to sample mini versions of the bakery’s most popular cupcakes including the Stormin Norman, Lemon Love, and the Willy Wonka.

For more information on Bubba Sweets, visit their website at http://www.bubbasweets.com/.