On an ordinary day, seniors at Ocean View High School (OVHS) would have devoted these 105 minutes to doing classwork.

Instead, they set aside this class time to complete an important task: applying to college.

As participants in American College Application Campaign (ACAC), every senior at OVHS will submit at least one post-secondary education application to a college or university during its two-day college readiness event being held November 7 – 8. The campaign is a national effort to increase the number of students pursuing a college degree or other higher education credential.

Cheered on in the halls by dozens of underclassmen, seniors lined up to receive their transcripts before proceeding to the school’s Business Academy computer lab to submit an application. Assisted by local college representatives, students were walked through the complex process of applying for school and financial aid.

In preparation for the event, OVHS guidance staff worked diligently with seniors by reviewing transcripts, determining school eligibility and application requirements.

“This would not have been possible without our guidance staff,” said Courtney Robinson, principal of OVHS.

After students completed their application, they excitedly signed a large “I Applied” poster displayed in the school’s main hallway while enjoying on provided donuts.