Marina High School students funded its third water well in the small village of Gonamakulapalli, Andhra Pradesh in India.

The students, apart of the Marina WAVE Environmental Science Club, help raise funds to provide water in impoverished areas like Gonamakulapalli.

With a population of 1,125, the community relied on its water from a canal located in a distant village. The women and children, who bear the burden of water collection, walked up to five miles daily to collect fresh water.

By installing the clean water project in these areas, residents will not only benefit from improved health, but will also have a chance to “live a higher quality of life,” said Coryn Topham, president of Marina WAVE. “Women in these villages will have more time to focus on education, employment and caring for their families.”

Marina WAVE partners with Drop4Drop, a charitable organization that provides relief to the water crisis in Africa, India and other places with water emergencies. The organization employs local laborers while involving the community in the project to create a sense of ownership and pride. Maintenance training and hygiene education are also provided to ensure longevity.

The other two water wells funded by Marina WAVE are located in Uganda and India. They were constructed in 2016.

Photos and video courtesy of Marina WAVE.