On April 28, Edison High School juniors presented individual projects as a part of the Center for International Business and Communication Studies (CIBACS) program.

As part of the project, also known as FasTrak, each student was required to shadow a local business mentor for a minimum of 10 hours in order to gain skills in that specific career area. Students were then responsible for demonstrating the knowledge learned in front of a panel of judges. The presentations included careers as a lifeguard, labor and delivery nurse, baseball agent, and technology officer to name a few. The final part of the project concluded with a mock group interview to give students valuable experience on the interview process as well as knowledge on writing a cover letter and resume.

CIBACS is a four-year program that offers students an enriched and integrated curriculum through competitive projects, job shadowing and internships with business partners.

To learn more about the CIBACS program, please visit cibacs.org.