Each and everyday, Huntington Beach Union High School District (HBUHSD) educators take extra care to empower minds and build futures through innovative learning.  On a normal Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Kimes, along with other Huntington Beach High School math teachers, could be seen doing just that, but using a teaching tool not typically utilized on a high school campus – LEGOs.

That day, Mr. Kimes Algebra 2 students were given the task of managing a tiny furniture store with LEGO-made products as their only inventory.  In groups of three, students were provided 16 small Legos and 12 large Legos to construct tables and chairs.  At the tiny furniture stores, LEGO tables sell for $16 while LEGO chairs sell for $10.  With the information given, students were then instructed to manufacture the combination of tables and chairs that generates the most profit.

During this activity, students could be seen absorbing the math lesson with the added educational excitement of the LEGO component.