On Tuesday, September 13, the Huntington Beach Union High School District (HBUHSD) Board of Trustees welcomed its new 2016-17 Student Representative, Ms. Nancy Pham. Nancy is currently a senior at Westminster High School (WHS) where she is enrolled in seven classes including three Advanced Placement (AP) courses, Leadership, and Cheer.

For the length of the school year, Nancy will serve the Board by preparing in-depth reports highlighting each HBUHSD school sites campus activities and happenings. Each month, she will compile and present these reports with the help of each individual school site’s representative (pictured below), all of which were also in attendance at Tuesday night’s Board meeting.

The Board and HBUHSD look forward to a year full of informative and exciting reports from Nancy and her team of representatives.

PICTURED (L-R): Jazmyne Hodges (Ocean View), Leilani Traviglia (Marina), Myreya Tahay (Coast), Emily Haugen (Coast), Cody Do (Fountain Valley), Aris Vazquez (Valley Vista), Izzy Larson (Edison), Scarlett Anderson (Huntington Beach), and Nancy Pham (Westminster)