On Wednesday, November 16, Huntington Beach High School (HBHS) had the privilege of hosting Tyler Durman (pictured below), a well-known motivational speaker who specializing in talking to and about teens across the country.  Tyler spoke to students about caring relationships and a growth mindset during two assemblies.  For the HBHS Oilers, listening to Tyler was like watching a good movie — he will make you laugh, make you cry and ultimately, leave you thinking about life and how you want to live it.

Later that evening, Tyler also spoke to HBHS parents, using his storytelling abilities, on how to enrich their lives with their teens and the importance of being a parent, a mentor, and a friend.

Besides the assembly, the school also promoted important themes throughout the week like, “What if Oilers were kinder to each other?,” “What if Oilers paused before we posted?,” and “What if Oilers appreciated each other more?.”  In alignment with these topics, the school held campus-wide events and activities such as spirit wear days, kindness grams, a social media challenge, and an open mic night.

All over campus, Oilers could be seen practicing the “What If” mindset and creating an overall more positive, meaningful, and kind atmosphere on the Huntington Beach campus.