Coast High School (CHS) recently called upon the “elves.”  Following a holiday staff luncheon, teachers and staff members were provided with elf hats and invited to “Santa’s Workshop” (a classroom).  Staff members were then divided into two teams — team “Hot Cocoa” vs. team “Peppermint” — handed tools and instructions, and told they were going to build a bicycle.

Teams worked closely together as they participated in the project-based professional development activity designed to invoke collaboration and camaraderie.  The activity was initially modeled at a school district in-service.  At the conclusion of the exercise, team “Hot Cocoa” emerged victorious after a “tortoise and the hare” style comeback. Slow and steady won the race.


Teachers and staff then presented the beautifully finished bicycles to two deserving Coast High School students. Often times, people have loving memories of receiving their first bikes from Santa and spending summers cruising along bike paths or streets in local neighborhoods.  A curveball was thrown when it was revealed that one student had never had the opportunity to experience this cherished pastime when he shared that he was never taught how to ride a bicycle. The spirit of the season continued when the teaching staff hoisted him upon his new bicycle and proceeded to teach him how to ride it in the parking lot of the school. The true meaning of the season was accomplished.