***THIS IS A RE-ENACTMENT. On April 12 and 13, Huntington Beach High School (HBHS) participated in an Every Fifteen Minutes car crash re-enactment and assembly. This program exists in high schools throughout the country to display the potential devastating dangers of driving under the influence and/or driving distracted (texting) to students.

In conjunction with Huntington Beach Police Department, Huntington Beach Fire Department, California Highway Patrol, Knott’s Berry Farm, California Office of Traffic Safety, and many more, a DUI/distracted driving car crash re-enactment was displayed on 17th Street on the south side of campus.

Students from different groups on campus participated in the car crash re-enactment and the roles of “the walking dead.” Every fifteen minutes throughout the school day before the car crash re-enactment, a gong sounded over the loud speaker.  Each time this sound happened, it meant one student was taken out of his/her class in order to symbolize their “passing away” in a DUI/distracted-related incident.

The day after the car crash, Huntington Beach held an assembly to “mourn” those that had passed and further discuss the potential ramifications of driving under the influence and/or distracted.

Every year, the Huntington Beach Every Fifteen Minutes program rotates between one of four HBUHSD high schools — Edison, Huntington Beach, Marina, Ocean View.