Originating in 2015, the month of November is designated as Campaign for Acceptance, Respect and Empathy (CARE) month at Edison High School (EHS). During this time, students and staff focus on different ways to care about themselves, others and the environment. Each week, a new theme is introduced through a mindfulness exercise. Using the social media hashtag, #EHSCares, participants are encouraged to post throughout the month as they engage in ability awareness activities, challenges and lessons.

Below is a recap of the 2017 CARE month.

Week #1 – “What if…You Cared for Yourself?”
During week one, participants focused on self-care. Activities included yoga on the lawn, signing pledge boards and social media challenges such as sharing something that makes them happy.

Week #2 – “What if…You Cared for the Earth?”
During week two, participants focused on the environment. Activities included a campus and beach clean-up, sharing something on social media that they could use less of to help the environment, and a presentation from the Surfrider Foundation on ways to help save and promote wellness at the beaches.

Week #3 – “What if…You Cared for Others?”
During the final week, participants focused on others. Activities included ability awareness activities such as a visual and ASL challenge where participants learned sign language and took part in exercises where their sight was impaired; an assistive technology challenge in which participants communicated only through the use of pictures, technology or gestures; a “Walk a Day in My Shoes” stimulation in which participates were given the opportunity to simulate what it’s like to have a disability with the help of apparatuses. Participants also wrote encouraging notes on the “post-it wall” and secretly shared them on the lockers of others.