On February 22, students at Marina High School gained hands-on experience while collaborating on a STEAM activity. As part of the project, Advanced Culinary students made hand pies to fit into the hands made by Ceramics 2 students. An evaluation by students was then conducted on each sculpture on the elements and principles of design. The hand pies were also evaluated on taste, texture and appearance.

The following information was used as a guide to help students relate the activity to STEAM.

  • Science – Biology of a hand. Allergen free. Nutritional analysis.
  • Technology – Artist research. Creation of the pie display label.
  • Engineering – Creation and scale models of the hand. Creation of pie to fit into the hand. Creation of consistently shaped pies.
  • Art – Use of elements and principles of design to make the pies and hands.
  • Math – Measurements to get hand scale correct. Recipe development to serve the correct amount of people. Price calculation of recipe. Profits.