Fountain Valley High School recently hosted its annual “Day of Dialogue,” an event which aims to enlighten students regarding current issues while providing them with a safe and positive environment to express their perspectives. In addition, the event seeks to give students the skills and resources to keep themselves healthy or seek additional help, if needed, from the increasing number of pressures faced in the community, school and home.

In partnership with Orange County Human Relations, the event topics are driven solely by students who determine what the campus needs to hear and what the social, emotional or civic direction of the school needs to be.

Each workshop, facilitated by an expert and students from the Baron Bridge Builders club, included topics such as positive relationships, personal identity, equality, mental health and drug abuse.

Some topics are sensitive and without a safe environment for students to have dialogue with experts and each other, we cannot develop and foster an environment of acceptance.

Morgan Smith


Workshops were conducted over several periods throughout the day to give students multiple opportunities to attend specific sessions.

“The dialogue continues because those students exposed to it continued the discussion with their peers and it sweeps across the campus,” added Smith.