During these unprecedented times, the Huntington Beach Union High School District (HBUHSD) has come together to help the community and give back in any way possible. Each school took part in collecting much needed items from now closed classrooms that would help benefit those on the front lines at our local hospitals. On Wednesday, April 1, the District donated these items to Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and MemorialCare Medical Center.

Dr. Clint Harwick, Superintendent, stated, “Our Board of Trustees has two former nurses and a medical doctor, so we feel personally connected to the healthcare industry and first responders. This was a way for our District to really support all the efforts of the people on the front lines fighting this virus.”

The HBUHSD Board of Trustees President, Susan Henry, also feels very strongly about the District’s contribution to these hospitals, “The HBUHSD Board places a high priority on the health and safety of our students and staff by providing a full time Registered Nurse at each campus and comprehensive emergency preparedness equipment. Our science classrooms are also equipped with items that are desperately needed in the hospital setting. We applaud our school nurses, science instructors, and District staff for gathering these much needed supplies for the benefit of the community in need.”

HBUHSD is grateful to have been prepared for emergencies in the classroom because they can now help support the community during this time. A total of 75,877 items have been donated to the two hospitals, including 68,530 gloves (34,265 pairs), over 7,000 masks, and other miscellaneous items.

Board Vice President, Michael Simons said, “I have been on the staffs at Orange Coast Memorial and Fountain Valley Regional Hospitals for many years and know many people on the front lines of treatment of COVID-19 patients. These are the doctors and nurses that treat our employees and the families of our students. We are very fortunate to be able donate items that were sitting in closed classrooms and help to protect these healthcare providers.”

Huntington Beach Union High School District would like to thank all nurses, doctors, and healthcare providers for their hard work, bravery, and extreme selflessness while fighting this virus.

HBUHSD also wants to thank all staff members, teachers, parents, students, and the entire HBUHSD community for their patience and understanding during this incredibly challenging, fluid situation.