Valley Vista High School recently acquired a very generous donation from the Chevron foundation, “Fuel Your School” to modify the school’s outdated wood shop.  Gabriel Roberts, the school’s Science Department Coordinator and wood shop teacher, made this donation possible by posting a “project” in need of funding on the public school donation website, The post was titled, “21st Century Learners Stuck in a 1960’s Wood Shop.” On the page, Mr. Roberts listed all of the materials necessary to create a new router station for the shop, which totaled up to be just over $1,000 worth of goods. The Chevron Fuel Your School foundation kindly decided to fund the project in its entirety, making for some very excited Valley Vista Eagles.

Chevron is working with to help K-12 teachers in public schools get the supplies they need for eligible classroom projects.

“Not only will students now have an opportunity that they might not have otherwise had, but they will also be using state-of-the-art equipment. Your donation has provided, for our classroom, the use of current woodworking technology,” stated Mr. Roberts.

The Huntington Beach Union High School District and the Valley Vista High School Eagles are sincerely grateful to the Chevron Fuel Your School organization and for supplying the funds and the platform for a modernized and educational wood shop experience.