On Oct. 26, Fountain Valley High School hosted the “I’ve Got Your Back” assembly, an anti-bullying program for the school’s freshman class.  Prior to this gathering, a diverse group of 25 students were selected from differing campus social groups to be “Ambassadors of Change” for the program. Additionally, a small number of staff members were included to advise these students throughout this educational journey. Last Friday, Oct. 23, these ambassadors and advisors met with “I’ve Got Your Back” team members to discuss the program, participate in team building activities and express the bully-free movement they will strive to create on the FVHS campus.

The ambassador’s day full of activities on Friday helped prepare for Monday’s assembly. The gym was filled before school with eager freshman, looking to absorb the knowledge that the assembly had to offer. After a short introduction, the keynote speaker of the event, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter, Mark Muñoz, addressed the students with his life story. Muñoz spoke about his own personal experiences dealing with bullies as a teenager and how his family and friends played an integral part in inspiring him to rise above it to become the successful, respected man he is today. From start to finish of his speech, students captivatingly listened.

In closing the assembly, Principal Morgan Smith reiterated the same message to his students by saying, “Stand up to bullying. Have your friends back. Have your own back.”


The “I’ve Got Your Back” anti-bullying program strives to teach students about bullying and its harmful effects by building empathy and igniting a movement of respect throughout school campuses. Fountain Valley High School was specially selected by the Orange County Department of Education to host this program.

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